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Embracing the Spirit and the Psalms at Home Church Watton

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24 Apr-Jun
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A Journey Through Faith and Worship

Welcome to a special season at Home Church Watton. As we progress through 2024, our community embarks on an enriching spiritual journey, drawing closer to the Holy Spirit and immersing ourselves in the profound depths of the Psalms. This period marks a continuation of an amazing journey we've started, filled with divine encounters and spiritual growth.

April: A Month with the Holy Spirit

We dedicate April to understanding and connecting with the Holy Spirit. Following the celebration of Easter and in anticipation of Pentecost, this time is set aside for us to deepen our relationship with the third person of the Trinity. We invite you to join us in daily prayer and meditation, exploring the Holy Spirit's presence, guidance, and transformative power in our lives.

May & June: Dwelling in the Psalms

In May, we transition into a time of living worship through the Psalms, focusing on specific Psalms of Ascent to elevate our spirits and deepen our communion with God. June brings us closer to understanding why the Lord is our Shepherd through a thoughtful exploration of Psalm 23, offering comfort, guidance, and reassurance in the goodness and provision of God.

Join Us in This Spiritual Journey

Each week, we will delve into themes that promise to enrich your faith and draw you closer to God. We're excited to share this journey with you through weekly insights, reflections, and action points designed to foster a deeper understanding and relationship with the Holy Spirit and the timeless teachings of the Psalms.

For a more detailed exploration of our journey over the next three months, we invite you to view the full PDF attached [Link to PDF]. This document is a treasure trove of spiritual guidance, prayers, and meditations meant to accompany you on this divine journey.

We look forward to walking this path together, as a community united in faith, hope, and love. Join us a

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